Services to Large Merchants

EZ Payments offers an integrated financial management service, with solutions that are adjusted to business necessities or to the outlets interests, such as pharmacies, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment, as well as other retail points of sale; coast to coast in the USA, as well in the Caribbean. We specialize in providing financial management without worries, with plans that generate income and increase in traffic of clients at each one of the ATM locations.

Service Management of established ATM’s: EZ Payments provides a start-to-finish service and maintenance plan for ATM’s that have established locations. We also offer EFT processing plans, which are handled based on made-to-order requirements.

We maintain brand relations with local Banks and credit cooperatives. EZ Payments can adapt to the requirements of any small banking institution, as required. Even if your plan has dozens of units or a great number of diverse geographic locations, and if you require the placement of an ATM with an equipped plan, or the help of management and maintenance of an existing network; EZ Payments has a solution for you.

Why Choose EZ Payments?

  • EZ Payments offers complete solutions, including maintenance and management of cash. If you prefer to have your own network of ATM’s, EZ Payments can provide processing and management services of ATM’s at the speed you require.
  • We have a true presence at a national level, capable of handling and managing your network.
  • EZ Payments is financially stable, formed with private capital more than 12 years ago and made up of a group of talented and knowledgeable professionals who ensure that we are here for you today, tomorrow and in the years to come
  • We operate our own network of EFT processing with direct connections to the worldwide financial networks.
  • With our safe and reliable service, you will always have cash in the ATM’s and cash in the hands of your clients.
  • 98,5% operational. Greater amount of operational time means more transactions, which translates into more benefits and more satisfied clients.
  • Customer Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Two ATM service centers with continuous network monitoring.
  • State-of-the-art ATM’s with a 3G wireless high speed data transmission network.
  • Our ATM’s are the safest, equipped with efficient safety features that dissuade possible delinquents.
  • Direct and immediate personalized contact that ensures your objectives and goals are fulfilled.
  • We have ample experience and the necessary knowledge, with regard to electronic transactions and ATM’s.
  • Our low cost structure allows us to maximize the benefit potential of your plans, providing low cost management and processing options, in case you decide to be the owner of your ATM’s.
  • EZ Payments provides first class plans and ATM service throughout the country.

Management & ATM Processing Plans

Not all merchants need or require ATM equipped plans. Some prefer to be owners of the ATM’s, while the management of the ATM’s is done externally by EZ Payments. Others prefer to own and operate their ATM’s only requiring help with the processing. If an ATM equipped plan is not for you, we can advise and offer you a quality management service that will help you choose a plan best suited to your needs.

We count with a level of excellence and reliability unmatched in the industry. Take advantage of our experience, system, and potential to maximize the profitability of your plan. Our services are available for your made-to-order requirements, and include:

  • Processing
  • Purchase of ATM’s
  • Installation
  • Maintenance (first and second line)
  • Cash money safe
  • Treasury management
  • Armored Vehicle service
  • Claims processing
  • Support and Customer Service
  • Monitoring

Supervision of a large and ample network of ATM’s is complex, costly and difficult. Let us be the experts to help you, so you can concentrate on growth and the improvement of your business.

EFT Processing

EZ Payments operates one of the safest and most reliable networks of ATM’s in the world. Our processing operation, called “Electronic Fund Transfer” (EFT), is used by EZ Payments, as well as by all those other clients that operate their own ATM’s. Our processing network is of the highest category and reliability, is completely compatible with PCI, and is backed up by two independently located SAS70 certified Data Centers, in the eventuality of a failure.

Our own EFT processing platform offers numerous benefits to our clients, including:

  • Low operational costs
  • Better performance and profitability
  • Development of state-of-the-art technologies

All of our clients with the EZ Payments ATM’s equipped plan, can benefit from the many advantages of our EFT processing network. Merchants and financial institutions look for safe, reliable format, with a cost effective EFT processing network that operates their own ATM’s and allows them to take advantage of our processing programs.

Equipped Plan for ATM’s

EZ Payments offers large merchants and important brands, the solution of ATM’s that maximizes their income, as well as increasing the client traffic in their establishments. The benefits of our plan include:

  • Zero capital expense: EZ Payments has equipment and installs them in the locations.
  • Experience program management: We have the experience of how to implement and execute the different programs we offer. More importantly, we put that experience to work for you.
  • We are responsible for the cash: We provide all the cash for the ATM safe and we ensure that it is sufficient to satisfy the demand of your customers.
  • No operational responsibility: We operate the ATM and ensure that it is in good working order at all times.
  • Customer Service: We are here for you and for all of those cardholders that use your ATM, and to correct those few and far between problems that may occur.
  • Client Traffic Initiatives: We offer a variety of plans aimed at increasing the use of your ATM and directing potential customers to your establishment.

To put it simply; we are the most experienced and professional operators of ATM’s in the country. We are here to help make your ATM’s a total success.

Plans to generate traffic

Direct income that is generated from ATM’s is just one part of the total income that an ATM program can help you produce. To maximize both your direct and indirect income, depends on how you can increase the traffic of customers into your establishment to use your ATM, and convert them into potential purchasers of other items. Our traffic generation programs are designed so that banks and credit co-ops can direct their customers to the ATM’s located in your establishment.

The brands and co-brands of the ATM’s attract a greater traffic of clients, sometimes hundreds of percentage points over what they would produce without brands.

EZ Payments works with local financial institutions, in order to have the adequate branding shown on the ATM. We have a great number of brands in our portfolio, which allows us to optimize advertising in each city or regions, depending on where you operate. .

Our specialized financial services sales team, as well as our management relations team, can optimize the branding according to the location of the ATM’s, in order to take advantage of these local and regional institutions.

ADA compliance by large merchants

Owners of ATM’s throughout the USA, including thousands of small and large merchants, must comply with the new federal law Americans with Disabilities (ADA), in which it establishes that old ATM’s must be up-dated or replaced.

You need to know the following:

  • Complying with ADA is mandatory.
  • The deadline to comply with ADA is the 12th of March 2012
  • Many ATM’s will need to be updated or replaced.
  • The owners of ATM’s, including those merchant that own their own, will be responsible for complying with ADA, even if they are owners of one unit or a thousand units.

Solutions for complying with ADA

EZ Payments offers a complete solution service, in order to be compliant with ADA.

Supervision of services and safety of ATM’s: EZ Payments can assume the service of your ATM’s via the offer of our location and administration services. We will take charge of the processing of the transactions, replenishment of cash money, communication, ATM service and maintenance, and if necessary, provide new equipment without any capital outlay on your part.

Solutions for merchants who are ATM owners: We can help you obtain the best price for new equipment, and with our network of first level processing, we can offer you improved handling with better availability of ATM’s, as well as the potential for improved profits.

EZ Payments is your trustworthy partner

EZ Payments is the most reliable ATM provider for many of the largest operators with small retail outlets. When you choose EZ Payments to handle your ATM’s, you can be sure you are in good hands.

EZ Payments has the experience to help you comply with the ADA law of ATM’s, via its extensive range of services. Get in touch with EZ Payments today and let us help with ADA compliance.