Services for banking and credit co-ops

Increase the strength of accounts and protect them against the competition, are some of the keys elements of business in each financial institution. Consumers value many aspects of their business with banks, amongst them; easy access to their funds, flexibility, financial strength, and a variety of products and services, to name a few. To satisfy these necessities in an attractive manner, within the limitations of budgets and advertising, can be a real challenge.

EZ Payments is here to help you with a complete range of financial plans and management.

Over and over again, customers have indicated that easy, no-charge, unlimited access to their cash money, is of vital importance when choosing business with a bank. Traditionally, this meant the construction of branches and/or costly installations. Now, this has been substituted by ATM’s.

EZ Payments functions by doing what it does best. Part of doing what we do best, in this case, is managing and administering your network of ATM’s, while you concentrate your resources on the fundamental initiatives of your business. Our ample management plans for ATM’s can help you improve the quality and availability of your existing fleet of ATM’s, thus allowing you to greatly reduce your operational problems. We invite you to take advantage of our ATM network, in order to extend your clientele and provide them quality service.

Why EZ Payments?

EZ Payments provides the perfect combination of profitable services that generates positive and tangible results for financial institutions of all sizes.

  • The handling services for equipped ATM’s, take advantage of the enormous infrastructure of the existing network, and provide immediate solutions within any of the plans we offer.
  • Your clients may easily find an EZ Payments ATM near them.
  • EZ Payments offers service plans that adapt to the necessities of any bank or credit co-op, regardless of its size.
  • We operate our own processing network. Our systems are totally compatible with PCI and comply with the highest security standards.
    • Technical service assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Two servers that continuously monitor the ATM’s.
    • ATM’s with state-of-the-art technology.
    • Assignment of individual administrators, in order to support, monitor and maximize our plans to banks and credit co-ps.

Handling and processing of ATM’s

EZ Payments represents a solution for the handling, maintenance and expansion of your ATM network, both in and outside of your establishment. Our specialized plans for equipped ATM’s can provide you with total control, regarding costs, the condition, and the reliability of the ATM network, alleviating you of these responsibilities, in order for you to concentrate on your core business, as well as the initiatives that impact your clients.

EZ Payments provides personalized solutions that allow you to improve the performance of your network, providing reduced costs and letting you enjoy them for a longer period of time

Multiplatform Support: EZ Payments works with all the manufacturers of ATM’s that are compatible with a wide range of software, hardware, communications and other parameters. There is no need for multiple suppliers providing technical service to different model ATM’s manufactured by different companies.

Dedicated Service Manager: You can contact us by telephone or email, and we are available to handle any problem you may have, in order to help you and your customers get the maximum efficiency of your ATM’s.

On-line Chart: Allows you to monitor the performance of your ATM network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, by way of a secure internet site that provides information of the network, as well as each of the ATM’s in it.

Marketing and the personalization of programs: Market your clients directly using advertising campaigns and marketing incentives. This provides a personal experience, with regard to the use of ATM’s.

Direct connection: The use of our processing platform allows you to connect directly to your ATM network, in order to improve performance and activity time.

Profound knowledge: To work with EZ Payments means you are working with the best! We are here to put our knowledge to work for you!

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, rest assured that both you and your clients will receive the best attention available, while your work team can be freed of operational and financial loads, allowing you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your financial institution.

Offers for the handling of ATM’s

Our equipped plan for the handling of ATM’s offers a superior quality service, with greater benefits for you and your clients.

Our ample offer of services includes:

Equipped ATM’s: We place and operate your financial institution’s ATM’s with the brand of your preference, both in and outside of your establishment.

Handling of cash and re-filling: Our patented system for the handling of cash, together with our expert team, and an efficient transportation fleet, are always ready to go wherever you may need us, providing you with the assurance that your ATM’s are attended at every moment.

Customer service: Customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, back-up by 2 dedicated servers, with control centers that provide continuous surveillance of the performance and operation of the ATM’s, ensuring that in the event when an unlikely service problem is detected, it will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Maintenance: Maintenance at first and second level is directed and supported by our team of certified technicians, who operate under the strictest rules of punctuality and quality.

Monitoring: EZ Payments operates 2 data servers that perform constant follow-up on the performance of your network and reduce the vulnerability of a problem immediately it may occur.

Marketing and content: Send messages directly to your clients for the purpose of making them aware of new products and services, opening new accounts, thus offering an improved service to them.

Purchase of equipment: Our experts in this area can help you find the most appropriate ATM to satisfy your needs.

Security and availability: EZ Payments takes the safety of your network and processing platform very seriously. We are dedicated to the protection of all confidential and financial data of every cardholder.

  • PCI DSS certified and audited by our sponsor bank.
  • Data centers with more than 175 servers under administration.
  • Strong system of continuity guaranteed from the point of origin, thoroughly tested during Hurricane Ike, with a down-time of zero.

Plan for advertising on ATM’s

The no-cost EZ Payments ATM program can help you protect and increase deposits, providing your current and potential clients with what they want access to their money in cash by way of an ATM with no fees, that can be found with a strong and safe network while you enjoy reduced operating costs.

Deposits and loyalty

The fact is, people want easy service, as well as easy points of access to their money. Providing them with this access is an important tool that ensures new deposits and increases customer loyalty. Here is the evidence:

  • 97% of consumers consider that ease-of-access to ATM’s is fundamental for choosing a financial institution. (Visa).
  • 53% of clients who use internet banking coincide with the fact that having access to their money is fundamental when selecting a banking institution. This fact more than doubles the importance of other criteria. (
  • More ATM’s leads to a drop in client desertion. (Dove Consulting).
  • $ 700 is a financial institutions average loss per month for each ATM out of service. (Dove Consulting).

Reap the benefits, discard the costs!

Enjoy the benefits of a solid network of ATM’s with no costs. EZ Payments will provide you with exclusive access to our network of ATM’s, eliminating unnecessary costs, operational problems, and exorbitant monthly expenses for the construction of your own ATM network.

Better profiles: EZ Payments has signed long-term contracts with many of the retail outlet chains whose locations can only be found through EZ Payments, maintaining a high profile of ATM’s in the best sales market locations.

Brand positioning: Every month, more than 2 million people walk passed an EZ Payments ATM. Have fun! Decorate our ATM with your brand! Place your personalized messages on our transaction screens! Enjoy the enormous advertising generated by back-lit windows and/or exterior signage at each point of sale!

No fees: Your clients do not pay any fees at ATM’s with your brand.

No capital expenses: EZ Payments is the owner of the equipment being used. No capital expense for you.

No operation costs: We operate the ATM’s with the highest levels of proficiency and customer service, providing periodic reports as proof.

With the implementation of advertising plans for the no-fee EZ Payments ATM’s, your business can prevent capital outlay, high operating costs and enormous inconveniences. But what’s even better, is that the ATM advertising plans pay for themselves! In the majority of cases, if one ATM produces one new client, it is worth the investment.

Location of ATM’s

With EZ Payments ATM location services, your business can add an ATM outside your establishment without any of the problems associated with implementation and administration.

EZ Payments can place an ATM in practically any environment, in location of the country. If you purchase your own unit or EZ Payments provides it, we can supervise it for you. Whether it’s one or thousands of ATM’s, EZ Payments is ready to help you.

Your Bank at work

A critical component for the solution of services, Your Bank at work, is a personalized service created for small financial institutions, as well as for medium businesses, who offer a high quality service, with comfortable access to cash for their cardholders, by way of the equipped plan model.

No-fee plans

EZ Payments no-fee plans, allows financial institutions of all sizes to offer their clients coast-to-coast access to no-fee ATM’s in thousands of locations around the country. Now there is no need to suffer the competitive advantages that other financial institutions may have with their extensive network of ATM’s.

Commercial clients

EZ Payments is a trustworthy supplier of ATM’s to many large retail businesses. When you choose EZ Payments to handle your ATM’s, you can be sure you are in good hands.

ADA compliance for large merchants

Complying with ADA is now a reality for owners of ATM’s all over the USA. For the financial institutions this represents large expenditures of capital and enormous operational headaches, in order to improve, and in many cases, substitute them.

You need to know the following:

  • Complying with ADA is mandatory.
  • The deadline to comply with ADA is the 12th of March 2012
  • Many ATM’s will need to be updated or replaced.
  • ADA is going further than just compliance with voice prompts. Regulations will impact the design of the numeric keyboard, visibility of the function key, legibility of the transaction screen, as well as the physical accessibility to the ATM. .

Opportunities for the improvement of financial services

ATM’s that are not compliant with ADA will be replaced. This is the opportunity to change to a new generation of ATM’s with advanced functions that improve the customer’s experience. From the welcome screen to the presentation of on-screen advertising, up-dating the equipment can create real rewards for the client and your business.

Solutions for the fulfillment of ADA

EZ Payments offers a complete service of solutions that cover every necessity, in order to comply with ADA.

  • Handling services for ATM’s: EZ Payments assumes the responsibility, regarding the performance of your ATM’s, by way of our offer of Handling Services for ATM’s. We handle all the processing of the transactions, replenishment of cash, communication, service and maintenance of the ATM, and we can supply new machines without any capital outlay on your part. EZ Payments handles one of the largest ATM networks in the world. We put our experience to work for you so that you can benefit while continuing to handle your business.
  • Advertising in ATM’s: Why up-date or replace your fleet of ATM’s when EZ Payments can offer you all the advantages of a robust network of ATM’s without any problem and at a fraction of the cost? When you place advertising in an EZ Payments ATM of your property, this allows you to share the advertising on the transaction screen and receipts. Increase your network or substitute your existing ATM’s for a solid and less costly alternative.
  • Sale of ATM equipment: As one of the largest purchasers of ATM’s in the world, we can help you obtain the best price for new ATM hardware.

EZ Payments is your trustworthy partner

EZ Payments has the experience to help you comply with ADA. You are not alone! EZ Payments can help you. Get in touch with us.