Customers design new ATM model of La Caixa

La Caixa, the entity with more ATMs, has already begun installing its new model of machine, designed for customers from responses to a survey of more than a thousand users. A cashier more functional, modern and accessible but also most likely is the result of the suggestions that the bank has collected.

To save time and avoid the occasional tail La Caixa client can configure the options offered by the clerk in accordance with its normal operations. In this way, you automatically onscreen all commonly used services. The cashier will be more accessible, with a single height and screen angle, yet easier to use to group actions and seƱalizarlas better. The keyboard also will be larger, and the rack for support, broader.

La Caixa customers also indicated that new models should incorporate systems compatible with other devices, such as mobile. Also include reading contactless cards, biometric security (identification consisting veins palms) and Bluetooth communications. The ATMs will have a scanner that will read the barcode and mobile phones. The user will be able to plug in a headset if you have trouble seeing. Other improvements are associated with security. The new ATM features, finally, a search engine to find the services offered by the financial institution. Simply enter keywords.

La Caixa expected to be installed in four years 4,000 units. Now the company has 8113 ATMs that can serve customers in 15 languages.