Hotel bookings through ATM

Many times it often happens that a traveler is forced to spend the night in a city without having planned in advance. What happens then? The most recurring is to begin a round of the hotels in the city, often fruitless and frustrating. The Marketing of Tourism Jaén (CTJ) has devised an innovative system that tries to respond to 40% of the tourists visiting the province without having hotel booking. Cajerotel, as it is called this initiative is a pioneering project in Spain that allows immediate purchase of hotel rooms through the extensive network of ATMs Caja Rural de Jaén has in the province. The system offers the tourists visiting the province more than 3,000 hotel rooms in 45 establishments located in different parts of the province, with prices ranging from 40 to 100 euros.

The initiative provides rooms in 45 establishments in towns in the province of Jaén at prices ranging from 40 to 100 euros

For the user, buying rooms no added cost and the purchase is as simple as taking money from any ATM or buy movie tickets. The system, whose software has been developed by the company jiennense Ofimática, automatically sends an email to the hotel through a secure server announcing the purchase of the room, so that the customer does not encounter any problems once it gets the hotel establishment.

"The purchase and room reservation can only be done for the evening of the same day, so the system is particularly aimed at people who have had to make an unexpected trip or who are forced for various reasons, to spend a night in one of the 97 municipalities of the province of Jaén, "explains Pedro Antonio Garcia, spokesman for the Tourism Marketing of Jaén. Also the commercial director of Caja Rural de Jaén, Jose Marquez, highlights the benefits of this initiative: "Anyone can buy a room through our ATMs with a credit or debit card, you do not have to be from our institution, but otherwise. cashier On exposing are the steps to take in a clear, and the same ATM dispenses a receipt proving that is the one to show in the selected hotel. " Buying online can also be done through page.

The Marketing of Tourism Jaén (CTJ) is a joint venture with 51% of private capital (provided by the leading hotel and tourism sector of the province), and the remaining 49% by public bodies such as the County of Jaén, Turismo Andaluz, major municipalities and seven rural development associations in the province. Somehow, it is not a company to use, especially for the variety of actors involved in financing.

From their website (, the marketer of Tourism offers tour packages and attractions as diverse as routes through the stages of Man and the earth, of the late Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente, and oil routes the olive or the castles and battles, 4x4 routes through the Sierra de Cazorla, multisport activities, dinners medieval castles and even a bird route. The ultimate goal of this particular society is simply to increase the number of tourist visits and overnight stays to a province trying to position itself as rural tourism and nature, for which it has the largest area of natural areas of Andalusia and the largest natural park in the country, the de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas.