Watch out, kids beside the cashier

A brief sign informs customers. "Warning: For your safety, before you operate ATMs, check that there are no people around watching." It is the politically correct way of a street bench Ríos Rosas (Chamberí) to notify customers of the existence of smaller bands, usually Romanians, neglect, steal money who will remove it.

This band performs all over Madrid. Because of their status as minors, are usually released although they take in the act. Police sources say it is difficult to act against them, for they know their rights and know that they can do almost anything.

The modus operandi of the gang is always the same. A group of three or four kids were left waiting around ATMs. They often go unnoticed, as it seems they are talking or playing with each other. However, they are alert to ensnare their victims. His preferred, women and older people, but that does not stop attacking also men and boys. Once a client puts his credit card into the slot, they are launched.

One of the kids is about customer and distracting. Asks for money or trying to sell you something. As the victim has to be rotated, a second will address the other side and take the money that spits the cashier. In case no operation is finished, manipulating buttons reach very quickly.

From that moment, the kids they run in opposite directions, without the victim knows who pursue. "The other day I went out quickly from the branch because he saw a woman and were surrounding and would steal in seconds. As they went out they saw me on the street," said a bank employee, who prefers to save their anonymity.

On Saturdays and evenings are very common slots in these robberies to carelessness. In both matches there are few people in the branch or it is closed, which makes greater use of ATMs and retail presence of customers in banks. These young people do not care to act openly. In fact, all banks have recording systems for surveillance cameras. Being younger, of little use this incriminating evidence against them.